A Short Handbook to the Scary World of Communications and Social Media


I just added some information about this onto the “Work” section of my blog. However, I just thought I’d share a little about it here…..

I created this little handbook for a client in summer 2011 to gently ease them into the idea of why and how they should use social media to promote the organisation and reach a wider audience. I made the handbook pretty general so it was applicable to any type of business or organisation, emphasising the importance of social media in a digital-era, and how communication tools can be easily incorporated into the day-to-day functioning of a business without having to bring in an external agency.

Below is a brief extract from the social media section, but if you are interested in reading more, please click on the link above to view the PDF version :)


“Social media is a relatively new form of online communication which proliferated in popularity with the launch of Facebook in 2004. Other major Social Media sites include Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr.  

New social media pages are established all the time, but Facebook and Twitter remain the major leaders in online communication and networking. A useful professional networking site however is LinkedIn where you can share professional knowledge and expertise about either your individual self or your organisation. 

Social media is the next generation in communication and it is essential that organisations get to grips with its importance, influence and possibility to avoid being left behind in the online social sphere. Social media is especially useful in creating a broader prospective awareness, and is also great to meet and connect with other people or organisations that you may have a specific interest in, or they with you. At a simple level, social media is a fantastic way to share information in a straight-forward, effective and cost-free way. For example you may have added something to the news section on your website – by simply adding a link to your social media pages, you can easily broaden the spectrum of interest and hopefully promote a greater awareness of your organisation.

Of course in order to do this, you must first build up an online following. By adding social media buttons onto your website, and URL’s on any marketing or PR materials, it will allow people to see that you are an active social media user and encourage them to follow and connect with you. Social media should not however just be used as a one-way mechanism, but should act as a two-way communication tool where other social media users can comment you and participate in active online conversations.

Social media can also be used as an excellent form of internal communication. By encouraging staff and service users to follow the organisations social media sites, you can easily keep them up to date with information and events which will show up on their wall feed.

 Social media has opened up a whole new realm of communication possibilities and should not be overlooked or dismissed as a useless piece of technology. It is dynamic and ever-changing in scope and potential and can easily be actively incorporated into the everyday functioning of an organisation.”


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