The Trials and Tribulations of a First Home

So, on 11.11.2011, after a traumatizing mortgage application and an excruciating ten week wait, my partner Lukas and I finally got the keys to OUR FIRST HOUSE!!!

It was a momentously exciting day as we’ve both been dying to get our hands stuck into renovating the place and making it beautiful. Built in 1870, it doesn’t appear to have had any work done since around the 1960’s going by the decor and sexy fireplace…….

……and with a timescale of approximately 6 – 10 weeks, we are also on a rather tight schedule! Luckily Lukas is an engineer by trade and we are both far from afraid of putting in a bit of hard graft (as are our awesome family and friends).

So, being a quaint village cottage as the property is, we intend to keep it looking rightly so. But this theme will be complemented by a cool, contemporary edge (namely flat screens, leather sofas, under-floor heating and walk-in glass shower) perfect for a young couple like us. We also plan to rip down and lower the upstairs ceilings in preparation for a loft extension for a third bedroom, adding both value and space to the property.  

So yes, many many exciting plans, but for now at least….it mainly resembles a bomb site!!


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